Failure is lonely……..


It is heart wrenching feeling when we are on the verge of a disaster, our biggest failure and remind you that even a small set back/failure seems like the biggest one in life, sure it raises many eye brows but heck…..we know the pain and everyone around might think of us as a fool and may unlike childish behavior or weird choices, our choices makes us individual or else every other singer could have been lady gaga.

You will find yourself in dark pitiful hole cursing everyone associated with the failure and most likely your family because you are not rich as you want to be and not as beautiful as you think, you could have been if born in a different family with the same soul of your mother and may be different DNA but it is not going to happen ever, you need to make it right, with whatever little resources you have and that is called “living”.

“If you ain’t living, you ain’t man enough”

You cannot aspire to become Michelangelo if you are not willing to give your life for it and don’t be mediocre at any skill because you will find failure and trust me even Gods can attest that. There are thousands of inspiring and motivational stories of legends such as Edison, Emerson, ford, napoleon and Alexander and you will get pumped up by reading their tales because they won against all odds with their extra ordinary will and persistence and they seem to be just like us….. Homo sapiens.

Every inventor and successful person ever to set foot in this world failed miserably and not once but embarrassingly many times yet they found what they wanted to and got success and recognition. It is their restlessness, perseverance, burning desire and attitude which makes them stand apart from the herd.

I know it’s hard to fail knowingly , to try different things, to spend on experiments, to get criticized, to get embarrassed but just once ……. Let’s do it.

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