Is there a shortcut for success?


Success (n) = the  attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like

Success means different things to different people but indeed to many this can be summed up as the “ultimate luxury” or “ultimate achievement”. Whatever it may be, is there a shortcut to achieve our ultimate desire? The answer is NO.

I have recently seen a movie “the score” starring Robert de niro and Edward Norton, two of my favorite actors. Robert answers a question of Edward and says that make a list of whatever you want in your life and work on it for 25 years.

I struck me at that moment that although you see lucky people on TV and hear about them in newspapers…. Lottery winners or chance encounters. But we cannot befriend chance and wait for it, we need to keep moving and I am sure chance and luck is waiting for us at a crossroad far from the start line. Don’t duck out at the start line…… keep running  

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.


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2 thoughts on “Is there a shortcut for success?

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