We got to make this choice or buy lottery tickets


An amazing truth which we might not think of is that we have only two options available and they are time and money, we can choose either of them but we can’t have both of them, there are exceptions to this as well but I am talking about the general/average/normal/next door people like me. Think about the days and nights that you consumed in your dreams and idle sitting … off course you got time to do that because you don’t have incoming money….  And when you have incoming money when you have worked you cannot have days and nights of dreaming and watching TV.

We can decide to do a full time job, can also pick up a part time job to go with full time job , can go to gym, can blog, can get entertained on weekends, can have a life or we can make excuses that we need time to analyze things in a better way, a better word would be soul searching, want to become businessmen with less than a  year experience about the business, thinking of shortcuts to make huge money, thinking about all the other people you know who are rich or lucky, cursing God that we did not got any luck, money or girl, justifying the irrational thoughts and ideas which keeps popping in your idle brain to whoever asks why are you not doing something with your life and they would only be your parents, close friends or girl friend( assuming she is still with you even when you are unemployed, you got to be as sexy as Bradley cooper ;), times are changing … WAKE UP). Start working, start running, start full time, start part time……….. Let’s just KICK START…..

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