The anchor is always your conscience

Whenever you think of doing something bad or may be manipulative there is an inner voice which tells you to stop! This is wrong but you will justify that it is not wrong but unethical everyone does it, don’t you know? What’s the big deal if I am being one of them? However you still know that it is wrong and sometimes very bad thing to do but you will do it anyhow and the first time you give justification of your wrong doing to your conscience, from that time on you become a con man unknowingly to your conscience, it’s hard to do right the next time because you are already a con man you now know the tricks to fool your inner self and from there on its no turning back……………………..

Life is changing, people are changing, trends are changing, relationships are changing …..The list goes on. But the one thing which will not change is your conscience A.K.A your inner voice, it will always let you know about your wrong deeds you commit, the inner voice will be loud and persuasive at first but once you become a con man, it will begin to fade and eventually it becomes old and weak like our granny silently sitting on a rocking chair observing everything which goes around and even granny will try to warn you once in a while but then you are always in rush to achieve…………………. Something or the other.

Is it worth it?

We need to set our priorities right to evolve and be a better human being …………… just to feel good and do well.

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