Are you running too fast?

Life’s pace has been increased by many folds and we do know it and yet we go with flow… because human wants are unlimited. We want all the good things … I mean luxuries and we can definitely get that but there is no free lunch in this world … we got to work hard and smart relentlessly and in doing so we forget many things sometimes our parents, friends and God.

We forget our gratitude prayers

We forget to say thanks to God

We run very fast and when we fall we say shit to others

We always look up the sky; we never look down where there are millions of under privileged people whom we could help…maybe just a little bit

We complicate things when can solve things patiently

Charity…oh…What’s that? Donate at least $1 for every $500 earned

Baby I love you but we should…….. Lies will never get you any good

Don’t pollute your soul

Sit in a room where no one can disturb you and switch off your mobile phone and close your eyes for 10 minutes and think about your present and future, what you should do ideally? And what you are doing right now? I am sure you will get all the right answers… you don’t need a Guru to heal yourself and get going in the right path.

Start now…..

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