Yes I do chase my dreams, do you?


We are all dreamers some are day dreamers and the other kind are night dreamers and whenever and whatever you dream you can make it into reality. Dreaming is the easiest job in all the world which is why everyone does it. Working to make your dream into reality is a hard part and failing continuously in your efforts and then trying it again is the hardest part of the process but if you are determined then God will grant your wishes.

Do whatever it takes* to make it happen and it will take some time, patience is one of the most frustrating enemy which you have to befriend as a patient man is never a regrettable man so think twice before you quit at the earliest sign of trouble. If you think that you have the hardest life with the weirdest people surrounding you and rarest of events happening with you ………. 🙂 we know it all….just hang on ..don’t let it go and if you are ever bored to death watch The Pursuit of Happ(y)ness and then watch it again and then watch it again and then start working and don’t watch any movie – try to be a movie.

Just hang on you can make it BIG…..

*Exceptions – “Do whatever it takes” – make sure your loved ones are with you which ever path you choose don’t leave then far behind from where they cannot come and you cannot go back to them. You know what I mean, don’t you?

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