The FEAR of doing it wrong


Everyone has some kind of fear in them, fear of death, fear of darkness, fear of failure, fear of losing loved ones and many more fears but it is natural, isn’t it? fear, everyone has it in their pockets and this is the reason why we are behind in many of our endeavors.

FEAR is a disease which kills us slowly, I had it and there are still some after effects but I can say that most of my fears are gone. I think of the worst that can happen if I decide to go on a certain path and then I convince myself that the worst is still better than what most of us have, so then my brain signals that even if you decide to  perform this step you are at minimum risk and you can do it and then I decide to do it, it helps me make decisions quickly, learn from my mistakes and it the best exercise for my brain.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Righly said by Napolean hill.

If you haven’t read think and grow rich by napolean hill then reading this book should be in your priority list.

“Go beyond your fears because there lies hiding victory”

Rightly said by Wajahath Ali


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