The dying man…..

dying man

Have you ever met a man who is going to die? And everyone knows about it. It could be due to cancer or any other deadly disease. I met my cousin a day before he died. I went with my mother to see him and encourage him but I Could not say much to him; his face still lingers around my mind. I remember his last words to me, He said I will come to your house and play cricket and he also said to my mom that I want to eat a dessert and you have to prepare it for me and we both agreed to him happily but we did not knew it was one of the last days of his life. He had cancer and he was 12 years old when he died. He was very obedient unlike kids his age and was a favorite of his father.

I still think I should have spoken more to him or if could have done something to make him happy even for 10 minutes but…. life goes on and on. I also lost my spiritual teacher who used to guide me and bless my family. He was one of a kind creatures made by God. He was around 60 when he expired although he complained to me of bad stomach few times and other than that he was a fit man. He used to walk miles. He did not have a car or a bike with him although if he wanted he could have Mercedes but he was the simplest of all. He had a royal taste in delicacies he loved food and his mother.

A dying man might think that all his life he has done so many things which do not make sense at all now and he would regret doing stupid things and wasting time over petty things. Fighting with siblings over remote or worst a pair of jeans. He might thing if he could have been patient with his children, parents, friends and wife his life could have been different and he might think if he could have visited church/mosque regularly he would have been dying peacefully and not in remorse.

The choices we make can haunt us in the death bed so please be patient, big hearted and always be forgiving because if you expect god or others to be forgiving then first you should start forgiving people who owe you or said bad things about you or tried to pull you down because you will be very calm and peaceful when you die and many people might remember ever after you death giving examples of your character and the respect you get from this deeds can never be bought by anything.

So think TWICE before……. you get it, don’t you?

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