When was the last time you closed your eyes?

closed eyes

I know the answer to the question which is the title of this post and the last time you closed your eyes could be the last night when you were lying on your bed, after your heavy lunch or when you got mugged.  If we can give ourselves just 10 minutes each day and close our eyes and think about important events in our life I believe it gives clarity and is a great habit to move forward in our life and helps us stay focused and disciplined. So let’s see what can be done by closing our eyes?

What can be done today?

What have I done wrong today?

How close I am from my goal?

Things to do for a particular project

Things to speak in a meeting

Family commitments to complete

Deadlines to meet

On and on and on……………

So close your eyes now and think how you can be better today and remember it does not takes more than 10 minutes.

Image courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net

let me know what do you think about it...

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