Take all you want…literally

take all you want

There’s a strange feeling that tells me that I haven’t done anything worthy and looking at different people of my age, I feel miserable sometimes or am I confusing it with jealousy? I have failed many times but I should not regret about it because it is the learning curve.  I always believed I am a good man. I have to strive for the excellence and I will become successful in my field of interest.

I want to provide the best to my family and I want to enjoy the luxuries the world has to offer and to do that I have to work hard and smart and become a master in my selected field. Experts in any field are often the most successful. Mediocre life will not take you anywhere so why to aim for less when you can have all you want.

I want …………………………………… and I will 🙂

Image courtesy : http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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