The odd mans guide to life

odd mans life guide

We all see things from different perspectives and assume what we see and what we hear to be true…. but there are illusions in life which are deceptive and harmful. There are many things in life which we ignore intentionally and unintentionally and sometimes it’s a loss for us. It happened with me and I am sure it will at least happen once to almost everyone because we are not being careful about the things we care and love.

We cannot lead a happy and content life if we are running on a track alone which is meant for a group. We are judgmental and we make quick decisions in life as if we are day traders at New York stock exchange and if we do not decide in a split second we would be in great loss….. Not many decisions in life should be taken with great care, patience and confidence but almost we make impulsive decisions. Getting angry with everyone because we are angry at ourselves and can’t really do something about it so we decide to show everyone around us that we are angry about not being great @ work, love life, family or money matters it can be anything….. Making short term goals and striving/struggling to achieve that goal will definitely gives us a boost and happiness which in turn will make our long term goals achievable. Running….. Is for athletes – go at your own pace you don’t have to be Usain bolt and don’t buy facebook IPO shares  $38 a pop just because everyone is buying it.

“All intellectual improvement arises from leisure”

Samuel Johnson

Take some time off …think about life and how can I be happy …make priorities …follow short term goals and don’t follow the herd it will take you nowhere…… Ok May be near a salty lake…

True story about perception…must read…. Its about a world class musician

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