I know how to punch a rock and Make a hole in it.

rockWhen I was in school, I had fun but I cannot remember most of the events happened in my class and the icing on the cake is I don’t remember most of my classmates too…. weird isn’t it? I fear sometimes that I am the critical case of Alzheimer’s disease….

 I was shy little boy back in school who had close group of friends and now they all are scattered and I don’t know where couple of them are? And the irony is I cannot remember their last names and I am unable to search them on Google or facebook irritating…. isn’t it? I remember the name of my most beloved friend to whom I used to write letters but still I am unable to track him on this planet… May be when I am an oldie and could not bang my head to music I might find him in my backyard….

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” George Moore

Well getting back to my question Can I punch a rock? Let’s see…. back in school We used to have tap water in the drill ground and the base of the floor used to be rock only where the taps are and the rocks were needless to say rock solid 😉 but there was a issue with the taps, when the taps were completely closed still a drop of water leaks from the tap every 2-3 seconds and it falls directly on the rock floor. It went on for years and years. What I noticed is that the single drop of water which is so light and negligible made a hole on the rock…. you may ask how?

By being consistent for years…

Yes… the leakage of water had been for years and it was consistent and thus it created a hole on the rock.

Moral of the story: Let us assume our hypothetical problem is as rigid and big as rock and it does not seem favorable towards us and the problem is too tough to crack…. SHIFT + DELETE the rock now…. even a drop of water is capable of making a hole in the rock so why can’t you? Just be consistent in what you are doing and don’t be mediocre about it… push it till you think you will Die and you will live happily ever after….

Don’t believe me…? Try it 🙂

Image courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net

One thought on “I know how to punch a rock and Make a hole in it.

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