Killing yourself, is it worth it?

suicideThis year I have noticed that a lot of youngsters are committing suicides… yes young petals are generally full of life, vibrant and educated lot but There are many reasons for their deaths such as failure in studies, unemployment, love issues and parental pressures.  Software engineers, college students and school kids are majority of the lot who are committing suicides, it can be hilarious to a practical and educated men that these idiots are wasting the most precious thing that they got on earth and yet they don’t know about it but as everyone says that his/her problems are the biggest and most complex in the world.  No… any problem is not bigger than and it can be solved…. PERIOD.

 Suicide and murders cannot be a solution to any problem…. People will say that you are a coward who got away by killing yourself and remember that you do not kill a single person that is you but you kill your family and friends too by deceiving them and leaving them halfway through the journey.  There are tremendous pressures in life…. Most of them are financial and family but if you think the answer to these problems are suicides then by now the world would have been finished.

Push yourself, try something new, attend personality development classes, study hard, think hard, do smart work, take advise, attend seminars, research online, study online, make friends, ask a lot and BE CONSISTENT IN WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Try now…. GO 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Killing yourself, is it worth it?

  1. Carmelina Zaccagnini says:

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