Being cheap can only get you a steak but nothing more

steakHave you ever wondered why macbook is not under $200? and why business class fare from newyork to Paris costs $2500? why coffee/tea is so expensive in 5* hotels compared to local cafeterias?  Going an extra mile, crafting a product with finesse and making it the better than the best of lot will take you places which you could not have imagined.

If you have a product – don’t think that no one will buy if it expensive but rather think how can I make this the most awesome product – I mean finger lickin 😉 Don’t be in a forever analysis to make it the perfect one because then you will never get the product into the market. Do as hard as you can – research – test – take advice – do sampling and launch.

We all have seen many products in the supermarkets and in other stores which ranges from $0.99 to $$$$$$ but what do you think if you had $$$$$$$ would you still buy a $$$$ product or would you go for the same $$ product which you might be buying right now. Cash in hand really changes our behavior and dynamics. So if you are doing a mediocre job and planning for mediocre product/service with a time frame of 3-4 years then you might well sleep off. Indecision is one of the biggest barriers of entrepreneurs and if you want to be one then you got to take action now! not after years of thinking and insecurity because if you are happy with eating a steak every weekend and watching a movie and off to bed then you don’t have to do anything just carry on with your schedule but if you are ambitious – have an idea – got expertise – need luxuries – need penthouse – need $$$$$$ – then you better get off your couch and take ACTION 🙂

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