How to get going when your luck fails

luck favors the braveLuck: the result of chance

I do believe in luck and I must say I have been lucky in many matters but they were some things I desperately wanted to be lucky but then I am no angel. Life goes on and thinking that everything happens for good boosts my energy and never quit attitude. When everything is falling apart and you think universe is conspiring against you in such a weird way that everything which happens to you is bad in a way then my friend do things as per this list or make your own list but then if you knew you weren’t be reading this 😉

Change the way you think – believe that everything will be good and you will make it good. Think good about everything involved in your life and convince yourself – repeat yourself everyday in mind/heart that everything will be good using auto suggestion as explained by author napoleon hill in his bestselling book think and grow rich. If you haven’t read think and grow rich pause all your activities and go buy this book and read it cover to cover it is one book you should never miss.

Close your eyes and think about yourself – your past activities – how you could have done better – then think what you should do to make your life better.

write down your strengths – things you love to do which can also make you money – it can be writing/programming/designing even playing games if you are a game addict, you can get a job as a game tester or sell game cheats or write game reviews believe me you can do a ton of things even if you do not have a professional training or high level education. You can definitely beat first benchers.

ACTION…. taking action is the most important thing in life. Do not just think and make plans and sleep on it instead write the steps of your plan such as step 1-2-3-4-5 and final step to launch your plan.

Go get your POWER… it is there to be yours but you need to go THAT place and get it. Luck will follow.

As they say “luck favors the brave”.

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