How to be an Opportunist



Opportunities are everywhere and they rarely come knocking on your door. You have to create opportunities, search them and apply your common sense and your talent to convert the opportunities in to your successful projects. You cannot sit in your couch and expect miracles. Let me tell you my story of me becoming an opportunist.

I had some money saved up for a rainy day and I thought why to keep it in bank because with current inflation money is losing its value everyday so I decided to invest it in stocks, I had a fairly good idea about how stock markets run and how they behave in a relatively sentimental way, the time when I wanted to invest in the stock market, it was surrounded by bears and was quite low due to many reasons, I decided to read about it through various magazines and other stock journals and finally I decided to invest in an offshore company and I bought the shares of this offshore company.

I decided not to invest in a panic mode and I don’t believe in day trading, it is only for professional traders and I wanted to be a value investor who waits for the right time to hit the iron only when it is hot. After a couple of months when I bought my shares the share value of this offshore company plummeted by more 70% and anyone who would have been in my place would hit the panic button and get some anti-anxiety pills but not me because I knew somehow that once we see the night the daylight has to come but you have to be patient and relaxed so I waited some more months patiently and in the ninth month I hit the jackpot and the share price of this company was at all time high giving me more than 70% ROI and then I hit the sell button and cashed in on this opportunity.

God made us so unique that there is no one in this world with the slightest of common sense that we humans have.

Use it to your advantage and become an opportunist. 

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