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How to be an Opportunist



Opportunities are everywhere and they rarely come knocking on your door. You have to create opportunities, search them and apply your common sense and your talent to convert the opportunities in to your successful projects. You cannot sit in your couch and expect miracles. Let me tell you my story of me becoming an opportunist.

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Yes I do chase my dreams, do you?


We are all dreamers some are day dreamers and the other kind are night dreamers and whenever and whatever you dream you can make it into reality. Dreaming is the easiest job in all the world which is why everyone does it. Working to make your dream into reality is a hard part and failing continuously in your efforts and then trying it again is the hardest part of the process but if you are determined then God will grant your wishes.

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Are you running too fast?

Life’s pace has been increased by many folds and we do know it and yet we go with flow… because human wants are unlimited. We want all the good things … I mean luxuries and we can definitely get that but there is no free lunch in this world … we got to work hard and smart relentlessly and in doing so we forget many things sometimes our parents, friends and God.

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The anchor is always your conscience

Whenever you think of doing something bad or may be manipulative there is an inner voice which tells you to stop! This is wrong but you will justify that it is not wrong but unethical everyone does it, don’t you know? What’s the big deal if I am being one of them? However you still know that it is wrong and sometimes very bad thing to do but you will do it anyhow and the first time you give justification of your wrong doing to your conscience, from that time on you become a con man unknowingly to your conscience, it’s hard to do right the next time because you are already a con man you now know the tricks to fool your inner self and from there on its no turning back……………………..

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We got to make this choice or buy lottery tickets


An amazing truth which we might not think of is that we have only two options available and they are time and money, we can choose either of them but we can’t have both of them, there are exceptions to this as well but I am talking about the general/average/normal/next door people like me. Think about the days and nights that you consumed in your dreams and idle sitting … off course you got time to do that because you don’t have incoming money….  And when you have incoming money when you have worked you cannot have days and nights of dreaming and watching TV.

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Failure is lonely……..


It is heart wrenching feeling when we are on the verge of a disaster, our biggest failure and remind you that even a small set back/failure seems like the biggest one in life, sure it raises many eye brows but heck…..we know the pain and everyone around might think of us as a fool and may unlike childish behavior or weird choices, our choices makes us individual or else every other singer could have been lady gaga.

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