How to be an Opportunist



Opportunities are everywhere and they rarely come knocking on your door. You have to create opportunities, search them and apply your common sense and your talent to convert the opportunities in to your successful projects. You cannot sit in your couch and expect miracles. Let me tell you my story of me becoming an opportunist.

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They say the only constant is change. What do you say?

time for change

Change is your friend and not one of your enemies accept and embrace it because if you mold yourself to be ever evolving then nothing will get past you. You can be the master of your trade but on a personal level it does wonders if you try certain things. Failure in your attempts means that you will soon achieve but need to try harder but then don’t quit early.

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How to get going when your luck fails

luck favors the braveLuck: the result of chance

I do believe in luck and I must say I have been lucky in many matters but they were some things I desperately wanted to be lucky but then I am no angel. Life goes on and thinking that everything happens for good boosts my energy and never quit attitude. When everything is falling apart and you think universe is conspiring against you in such a weird way that everything which happens to you is bad in a way then my friend do things as per this list or make your own list but then if you knew you weren’t be reading this 😉

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Being cheap can only get you a steak but nothing more

steakHave you ever wondered why macbook is not under $200? and why business class fare from newyork to Paris costs $2500? why coffee/tea is so expensive in 5* hotels compared to local cafeterias?  Going an extra mile, crafting a product with finesse and making it the better than the best of lot will take you places which you could not have imagined.

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Killing yourself, is it worth it?

suicideThis year I have noticed that a lot of youngsters are committing suicides… yes young petals are generally full of life, vibrant and educated lot but There are many reasons for their deaths such as failure in studies, unemployment, love issues and parental pressures.  Software engineers, college students and school kids are majority of the lot who are committing suicides, it can be hilarious to a practical and educated men that these idiots are wasting the most precious thing that they got on earth and yet they don’t know about it but as everyone says that his/her problems are the biggest and most complex in the world.  No… any problem is not bigger than and it can be solved…. PERIOD.

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I know how to punch a rock and Make a hole in it.

rockWhen I was in school, I had fun but I cannot remember most of the events happened in my class and the icing on the cake is I don’t remember most of my classmates too…. weird isn’t it? I fear sometimes that I am the critical case of Alzheimer’s disease….

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The odd mans guide to life

odd mans life guide

We all see things from different perspectives and assume what we see and what we hear to be true…. but there are illusions in life which are deceptive and harmful. There are many things in life which we ignore intentionally and unintentionally and sometimes it’s a loss for us. It happened with me and I am sure it will at least happen once to almost everyone because we are not being careful about the things we care and love.

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Take all you want…literally

take all you want

There’s a strange feeling that tells me that I haven’t done anything worthy and looking at different people of my age, I feel miserable sometimes or am I confusing it with jealousy? I have failed many times but I should not regret about it because it is the learning curve.  I always believed I am a good man. I have to strive for the excellence and I will become successful in my field of interest.

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When was the last time you closed your eyes?

closed eyes

I know the answer to the question which is the title of this post and the last time you closed your eyes could be the last night when you were lying on your bed, after your heavy lunch or when you got mugged.  If we can give ourselves just 10 minutes each day and close our eyes and think about important events in our life I believe it gives clarity and is a great habit to move forward in our life and helps us stay focused and disciplined. So let’s see what can be done by closing our eyes?

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Do you gamble? If et all


Everyone gambles (read the whole post if you are not a gambler or if you are an addicted gambler) but not everyone is called gambler and do you know why some of us takes  risk although in layman terms it is called Gamble but Sophisticated people call is as “calculative risk” .  In Gambling world, it is a proven fact that the more you gamble the more you lose, yet people gamble even if it is their last day on earth.  Being impulsive when buying stocks or while shopping can you give you a quick ego boost or satisfaction but it is not called calculative risk, there are more chances that the investment you made might not prove to be a good one.  As warren buffet rightly said

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

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